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Sea Star Line

Sea Star Line, LLC is a privately held company, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.
San Juan, Puerto Rico is the site of our Caribbean regional headquarters.
Sea Star Line provides integrated transportation services to and from the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. & British Virgin Islands.

Sea Star Line’s Company Vision is to “Become the recognized leader in providing transportation solutions to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean by building customer loyalty, and maximizing employee and shareholder value.” To achieve this vision, Sea Star Line has deployed the most versatile, technologically advanced ships in the trade. These high-speed combination roll-on roll-off/lift-on lift-off ships allow Sea Star to offer unique transportation solutions to our customers. Sea Star’s three ships were built in the United States, are registered in the United States, fly the U.S. flag, and employ U.S. citizens as crew members.

Sea Star Line’s ownership group consists of the American Shipping Group, Inc. and Taino Star, Inc. Sea Star Line is the only ocean carrier in the trade between the United States and Puerto Rico that has significant local Puerto Rican ownership.

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10550 Deerwood Park Boulevard
Suite 509
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Toll Free Phone: 877.SSL.SHIP (877.775.7447)
Sales:  904.855.1260
Fax: 904.724.3007
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