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Third Party Logistics Service Allows Companies to Focus on Core Strengths

When you look at a well established retailer, what do you consider to be their strengths? Hopefully it is the ability to either source or design a good product and then market that product for sale at a profit. That should be the core strength of any retailer. A third party logistics service allows a retailer to work on things that improve profits and let somebody else worry about shipping the product.

Beyond the marketing of the product and selling it to the right target audience, the other things can be distracting or even painful. Things like finding the right shipping terms from the original source, managing the stock as well as the storage of the products, making sure orders are processed properly and dispatched on schedule, and many other tasks. In essence, these items are the core strength of a third party logistics service.

Considering the fact that many retail operations are quite small, it can really be a great partnership to allow the logistics company the freedom to handle multiple tasks. Beyond the shipping and receiving, the logistics service can also manage the inventory for the retailer through a warehouse system. Storing items, removing items from stock to deliver to the store, providing timely reports about inventory levels and keeping items secure until time of sale are some of the ways in which a third party logistics source can be an extension of the retail operation.

This type of service is usually not limited to just retailers that operate in a typical shopping mall section. It can also work for places that sell unusually large items or extremely heavy items. It could be really difficult for a locally owned business to get their operation started if they had to lease acres of space just to hold their products. Companies that offer large equipment or storage containers come to mind. However, with a third party logistics service, the client can focus on driving new sales to their location while the logistics company handles the big items.

And if the retailer decides to look into markets overseas as a place to sell their goods, the logistics service can handle that as well. International shipping is covered in various rules and laws. Getting a product out of one country may be a walk in the park compared to getting the product in to another country. A retailer does not have time to study and stay up to date on the changing regulations for multiple countries. Relying on the knowledge and experience of a third party logistics service can make international expansion as simple as selling products online.

Building and maintaining a business takes a concentrated effort on the things that will produce profits. Getting quality products, negotiating a fair price and then effectively marketing the product in order to sell the entire lot is more than a full time job. Worrying about air freight, shipping, protecting goods in transit and ensuring the goods arrive on time is another full time job. That is why most retail operations should rely on the third party logistics service to help them keep business moving as smoothly as possible.

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